Thursday, October 15, 2020


The same great gals as last year only they are all wearing masks! Witches are clever. The neighborhood is starting to look more festive. There is a contest this year for best decorated pumpkin and best decorated house! The year we go low key there is a contest. We also do this kind of thing for a living so I don't know that we would even compete against the 15 year old next door. She is so proud of her purple lights.

The front of our house with the triple windows upstairs will have a projection this year. Fingers crossed we pull that off. It will be the only big new thing. The dancing skeletons are dancing again in the sewing room window. Set up the section of the shelves that all the Funkins rest on. We are so late this year getting things up and running. If you are local I will give a heads up when things are running.

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Lady M said...

That's great that your neighborhood is getting into the spirit of the season. I am sure you will put something interesting together.

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