Thursday, September 10, 2020

Fires in Oregon


 The view from my porch looking to the West Hills of Salem. This was on Tuesday. Fires are burning on the entire west coast. Blanket of smoke across 3 states. 33 current fires in Oregon with a loss of 900,000 acres.


                                                        Backdoor view

Photos are from 2-4 in the afternoon. People have been kindly asking how we are doing. We are fine. Salem is the evacuation location for many of the surrounding towns. The state fairgrounds is housing people and animals.

                                              View from my desk

The Red Cross is Taking donations for the thousands of displaced residents. The Red Cross provides hotel vouchers for families. You can designate where you would like your funds to go. Thank You.

Update: Posting a link to a local family who lost so much and the mother is in critical condition. This is their story with a link to a GoFundMe page.  

It is so heartbreaking the loss and devastation. The air quality here in town dropped from Hazardous to Unhealthy today. Salem is still safe. A good reminder of how we all need to have a bug out bag ready just in case a disaster should happen. Cash, paperwork and or USB with paperwork and photos of the interior of your house for insurance, medications, shelf-stable food like granola bars, water, a tarp, and change of clothes. If you have pets have food for them and carriers ready to go. I grew up in CA with earthquakes so we always have bags and carriers ready to go. 


Lady M said...

Looks awful. I hope you are ok. Such a shame. We were lucky enough to get snow on Wednesday to put out some of the fires here in Colorado. Climate change is bearing down upon us fast - longer fire seasons, longer hurricane seasons, record setting weather of all kinds. It breaks my heart.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

We have family in CO that was helping other evacuate from the fires there.The snow was a welcome relief. My poor nephew is getting married outside in Estes Park, CO in 10days. We are fine and I just updated the blog. A lot of ash to clean up. The week before we had the house pressure washed preparing for painting it. Rain is expected here next week.

Guillaume said...

Stay safe.

Jimmy T said...

I live near Portland, and haven't seen the sun in days. Now we're getting a thick layer of smoky fog, and it's cold. My neighbor across the cul-de-sac has an arbor vita hedge that I can barely make out. There's a decent AQI site that tells you how hazardous the air is, the air in my neighborhood is beyond hazardous (off the charts). Yours is probably as well. Stay indoors as much as possible. Be careful when using kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, the smoke will find a way inside when you use them...


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