Friday, September 6, 2019

Ace Hardware

Charming little gift area inside an Ace Hardware store. The husband has the hardware store and his wife has the gift shop!

We were on a hunt for screws and a hose sprayer. Much to my surprise there was a rather large display of Halloween in the gift shop.

Very bright LED mason jar lanterns. Normally I want my spooky jars to look dark and crusty. This year I have a few areas in need of safety lighting. Mason jars are now in consideration for a cheap easy way to make lanterns.

Love that little pumpkin head gal peaking out from under the table. We moved to this house in February so I had no idea there was such a big display of Halloween at this store. She has some of the bigger $200 Bethany Lowe figures. Fun to see in person. I will be keeping an eye on clearance sales.


Lady M said...

Wow- what a find. I love that fellow with the raven skull head and top hat.

Justine’s Halloween said...

OK, you're making me want to visit Ace! I don't remember ever seeing that great of a Halloween section at our Ace stores! And I love that little pumpkin head ghost too. :)

Old Fashion Halloween said...


The hardware store hard zero Halloween. This is a weird one with the wife’s gift store living inside an Ace Hardware. Not that I am complaining! 🎃

Bohemian said...

For a Hardware Store they sure have some great offerings! I'll have to find an Ace now to trawl!