Sunday, October 29, 2017

Disneyland Halloween Trip and Party

This year we were very fortunate to finally attend one of the Disneyland Halloween Parties.

This was the very first year that both Disneyland and California Adventure parks were decorated for Halloween and the Halloween party.

The new Oogie Boogie sign over California Adventure is gorgeous!

Trick or Treat Stations were set up all over the parks. This fellow was a decoration in one of the lines. There is a certain glee to trick or treating as an adult. You get a treat bag with your Halloween Party ticket.

The Haunted Mansion Ride was paused to load and unload guests in wheelchairs. This gave me a chance to take some video of the singing Jack-O-Lanterns.

More photos are up here on Flickr. Loading more this week.


lady M said...

Wow - that is some way cool fun. Trick or treating as an adult sounds like a blast!

Laurie Brown said...

Those are too cool! Are they projections or animatronics? (why are they singing a Christmas song? )

I was wondering not too long ago if Disney had done anything to make the stuff accessible to people who use wheelchairs. Nice to know they have something in place!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Lady M,

Yes, it is cool and we soon realized far too many treats to carry after only 3 stations!


September through January the Haunted Mansion has a Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. The graveyard is filled with snow and the singing busts are replaced with singing pumpkins. Projections just like the busts. There is a full size Jack Skellington and Zero where the gravedigger normally stands. Its the only haunted mansion, out of five in the parks globally, that gets the NBC overlay.

The ride runs continuously, with a moving sidewalk, so a full stop to access the doombuggies is the only option. Its an amazing opportunity to stare at the attraction.