Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Rain is almost a given on Halloween night in Oregon. Waterproof items are a must out in the yard. Found these illoom balloons. My pack had 5 balloons. Zip tied the balloons to the boxwood. The balloons held up to rain and wind and were still glowing Tuesday night. The 2 button batteries used to light the tiny LED can be recycled.


Justine’s Halloween said...

Cool glowing balloons! Those are new to me. They looked cool on your shrubs which formed almost body shapes for the balloon "heads".

Laurie Brown said...

That's a neat idea! Did the set come with a helium bottle?

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Nope, just lung power. Since they were zip tied at the base they stood up on their own. I cut out the lights and kept them from the balloons. The lights have faded to a dim glow but they are still lit.