Thursday, October 20, 2016

Around the House

The large cloche from Target with mummy rats. Rats found at Pier One last year. Copper fabric with the skull and crossbones mesh as a topper. Part of the dining room table decor. Votive from Target with a sheet of vellum to soften the candle light.

Our roof has been repaired after a big wind storm. The leak is fixed? Second time we have had this leak. Water coming in above a full wall of book cases. Books are piled everywhere.

My porch decor had to come down before the storm. The cornstalks might have blown away! Hopefully, fingers crossed, the porch and the scarecrow will be back in working order on Saturday.


Ol'Buzzard said...

our favorite time of decoration.
the Ol'Buzzard

lady M said...

Yikes - sorry you are experiencing such poor weather. I got a target cloche though mine does not look nearly as cool as yours. Unfortunately, I have no mummy rats.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Lady M,

50 mph gust here in the valley. Mostly downed trees and some minor flooding. The coast took a heavier beating. A tornado on the Oregon coast caused a lot of damage but no injuries. We live inland about an hour from the coast. We are on a hill with no natural wind breaks. We get a whopper of a wind/rain/thunder storm every couple of years. Its why I thought we had solved the roof leak 2 years back!

Your cloche looks great! You have decorated an entire house and yard! I barely got 1/2 a living room, dining room, and porch done this year.

Justine’s Halloween said...

Oh no! Of all the times to have a leaky roof, when you're decorating for a holiday! And of course, it has to happen near the books. Grr... I know how annoying that is from dealing with a flooded basement. A basement full of books and art...

But on a lighter note, I like your little mummies! It's very cute the way you have them posed.

MK said...

The mummy rats are so wonderful!!! Love it!!!