Monday, September 19, 2016

Halloween Cloche at Target

This might be one of the best buys of the season at Target! I bought the big cloche and probably should go back for the smaller version. The dome is plastic and there were little scuffs on all the domes in the store. That does not detract from how amazing they look. Priced at $7 and $10 each.


lady M said...

I agree - I got one the other day. Great buy. What do you plan to put in yours?

Meagan Kyla said...

We bought one to put a skull inside and it's looks amazing! I am thinking about going back for more, as this is just a part of our decor style ;) Everyday is Halloween at our Haunt <3

Laurie Brown said...

OMG those are awesome! I'm trying to see if they sell them on the web site and the damn thing won't load. Those are perfect for quirky Victorian decor! AND would keep the cats out of delicate things!

Laurie Brown said...

For some reason, the Target site shows some kind of little dealie on the bottom of the base. Is there something there? Looks like from your shot they have a flat base as one would expect!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Lady M,

It depends on if I buy 2 small. A lit triptych display on the table is my first plan.


We have every day skulls and Halloween. In October the storage closet empties out and its ALL Halloween. :o )


The cloche has 3 clawed feet that hold the base up. The photo shows one clawed foot. They are for sale on the web site or you can buy online and pick up in store if they have inventory.

Boo Swain said...

Saw these at our Target today where they're still putting out the Halloween merchandise. They don't jump the gun like other discount/craft stores, though I'll bet a cleared section of shelving is for Christmas lights that'll probably be there by next week--arrgghhh! Our Michael's seems to have much more (selection-wise) than last year in both fall and Halloween stuff. Some of it's almost gone already (e.g., Lemax buildings), so shop early and often.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


The back wall of Halloween at my Target is all Christmas lights. The staff just started setting up the inflatable Halloween but took time to put all the lights out. The Halloween was getting picked clean after only a week out on the shelves. Went back and got the last 2 small cloches last night. Halloween is on the shelves at Michaels in July. Crafters that makes things to sell at Halloween need the materials early. Happy Hunting!