Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ichabod Flame Pumpkin is Back

The much sought after flaming pumpkin has returned to Lowe's and can be ordered on the web site here. Found out after someone on HalloweenForum.com posted my video and the flickr activity went through the roof. Its one of my favorite light up Halloween goodies. We run ours year round. Pumpkin is silent the crackling noise in the back ground on the video is my cat walking on the packing materials.

Ordered mine on line. Two attempts to pick it up. Finally have my Ichabod Flame pumpkin home. The same as last year only this one has a lighter reflective coating so the flame color is not as warm as last years version. Will try to post video of both side by side soon.


Lisa said...

That is sweeeet!

Dazeeflower said...

I liked the flame color from last years version better. The one I got this year the flames aren't coming up as much on the right side of the mouth.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Hubby asked me if I wanted a third one so there is a matching pair. Decided if they come back next year the mirror coating might be different again. A trio of different colors would be cool.