Friday, November 2, 2012

Target 70% off Halloween

Standing in the Halloween section a gal started pulling the 50% off and putting up 70% off signs at 3 pm Pacific time. Candy and food stuff was the exception. Now, the interesting thing was not all items were in the system yet as the price change had just occurred. Make sure you have the check out person call seasonal if the prices are not ringing up at 70% off. The clerk had to wring up each item by hand. Made the people in line behind me a bit cranky. Walgreens gets a big old boo this year. Corporate wants the entire store Christmas by the 6th. That means yesterday was pretty much your only chance to grab Halloween. By the time I hit the other stores today it was all gone!!!! Just some candy. Hope you all have better luck.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to go for the Target displays, the ones Target puts up around the Halloween area. I didn't see anything I wanted this year (2012) but I got most of the black silhouette trick or treaters in 2011. I'm obsessed with collecting Target Halloween displays! Oh my. Betty in TX.