Monday, August 13, 2012

Halloween at Horchow

A few goodies up now at Horchow. So far nothing you can't find at other retail shops. My hope is they will still offer a few exclusive ceramic skull signature pieces. If you like the Steampunk Skull and the glitter skulls the entire line from Katherine's Collection is called Moonlight Sonata.


Justine’s Halloween said...

They have some cute items, but they're a wee bit pricey! I'm seeing possible DIY projects, though. I'm sure we could make our own glitter skulls or cardboard/glitter houses. I bet you could even find a skull to decorate at Dollar Tree!

I wasn't thinking of Horchow for Halloween stuff, but I have looked through their furniture in the past.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


That is he beauty and the problem with Horchow. High end pricing that gets marked down to more affordable for most folks post Halloween. Great for us to buy up at clearance prices but they seem to have trouble moving the higher end items at retail prices. Now they seem to be a bit more cautious offering popular items sold at other retail stores. They are still pricey but not as cool as the older original Horchow items. For example my entry about the Cider Server from March 5. Tried to link it but it didn't work.

Justine’s Halloween said...

I just looked back through your archives and found the cider server. That was a very unique and beautiful item! I shouldn't rub in how awesome it was, since it was "the cider server that got away" ;) I've had that sort of thing happen before, where something costs too much, so I wait for it to go on sale. Then a bunch of other people are OK with paying a high price and it's gone! So, waiting is always a bit of a gamble.