Monday, February 13, 2012


Tower Of Terror Gift Shop Window
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January has always been a rough month to get through for me with seasonal depression. The museum was closed so I took time to hibernate and gather strength. The torrential rain in February came pouring in to our front room. We found out the roof was installed incorrectly and we need to fix 35 roof vents. The interior repairs and paint are now finished. Today I started the process of selling the domain There was some sadness at saying the final goodbye to the business. On to new adventures. There is a theater conference in Long Beach in March. The pre-conference classes take place at Disneyland! We get 2 full days behind the scenes at the park. This includes the costume shop. So, that my friends is why things have been a little quite for me in blog land.


pensive pumpkin said...

SAD is such a bizarre thing. My traditionally worst months are September and February. Also hate the roofing issue. 35???? That is crazy. We have one piece of flashing we cannot get right, so a corner of our dining room rains. At least it only happens when the Pacific Northwest's Copyrighted Horizontal Rain occurs.

We seem to be living parallel lives, expect for Disney. Which sounds AWESOME!!! What a treat for surviving it all.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Roofer said the roof should have 14 vents. So, yeah crazy amount of vents. That hurricane force winds and deluge of water pointed out some major issues.

Well, parallel in the sense of the being in the Pacific Northwest not in running. I only run if something big is chasing me. :o )