Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ghost Story
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We have a mostly blank canvas on the side of the house that faces the street. There is an empty lot between the house and the road. Setting up projections on the side of the house is something I started thinking about last Halloween. Found this lovely image on flickr. My only concern is an expensive projector or 2 sitting in an empty lot and keeping an eye on it.


Laurie Brown said...

Locking metal box that just has the projecting thingie sticking out? And chain the box to something really, really heavy and awkward?

Justine's Halloween said...

I love that photo! Now I want to try this too. :)

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Its a big empty lot so driving some rebar in to stake something down might work. Leave them out only for a few hours at night. People cut through the lot to get to the housing development below. After someone fired a wood stake through the window of the garage on that side of the house I'm a little concerned about vandalism. LOL

Anonymous said...

A neighbor did this one year, projecting Santa Claus on the side of his house. He only did it one year.
Maybe his projector was taken? It was rather magical while it lasted.