Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fear the cute!

seamus/mickey--flying monkeys
Originally uploaded by gogo54

Found on flickr while looking at period gown photos.


The Favorite Things Guy said...

OMG! They're so CUTE! I have a boston, too and I love her bunches. She's my baby!

Thanks for sharing such a cute picture.

Aimee Jeffries said...

I recognize those flying monkeys hehe. I may be on the internet too much, but the quote that goes with it is quite unforgettable and still makes me laugh :) http://canwehaveanewwitchoursmelted.blogspot.com/

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Thank you so much for the blog link!

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

They are SO cute!! What a great idea for a doggie costume! Thanks for sharing!
~ Iva

Leeanna said...

Hey hon. Yeah I'm the crazy (B)Witch with the blog that goes with that picture. If you read the Credits under their picture you will find the real person who owns those little cuties and she makes their costumes too. She's very talented. I tried to get in touch with her to get the rights for the use of the picture but she never contacted me back. I do have two little Bostons of my own and they are featured in my blog with pictures of their own. You just gotta find them. And if you should stop along the way and read the other posts then I hope you will be lightly entertained.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


I've already added your blog and thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding. :0 )

Loree Clary said...

So So Cute!!!! Where did you get the costumes? May I please post this photo on my blog. I will link it back to you. Thanks, Loree

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Click on the originally uploaded link for the owner of the dogs and costumes.