Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween 1924 Pasadena California

Halloween 1924 Pasadena California
Originally uploaded by dragonflydesignstudio

The devil in the back row is my favorite. All of their names are on the back of the photo. Must have been quite a party!


Michelle Cummings said...

is there a novacek on the back? my Mom is from Pasadena. :)

Old Fashion Halloween said...


I have the photo up on ebay with an image of the back:


luckyyjennyy said...

i absolutely love your uploads with vintage halloween photos! are these from your personal collection?

Old Fashion Halloween said...


These are all from my personal collection I have been selling on ebay since March. We used to sell an image archive of 100 restored Halloween and Costume photos I'll be offering again on etsy. Decided the collection was getting out of hand and then we moved to a much smaller space!