Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume 2009

Steampunk Seamstress
Originally uploaded by dragonflydesignstudio

I'll try to get photo's up before the end of the week of my night at the haunted attraction. It was so much fun watching people go through the haunt Saturday night. My bandolier slipped a bit in this shot. It had rusty safety pins, thimble, pinking shears, thread, measuring tape, and a tiny brass spyglass on it. My hat has buttons sewn on rick rack trim.


Carrie Mae said...

Fantastic! I love this.

The Frog Queen said...

Now, my dear, that is a cool costume. Wow, the details are perfect. Would have loved to see it in person!

Hope you had a great Halloween!


home staging Toronto said...

Hi. I like that costume with all the details. At last some costume which is not so ordinary. I always try to make some home made costume which would be original but from year to year it's harder and harder. Thanks for providing some inspiration.

Take care,