Sunday, August 23, 2009

Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats 2009

Highlights include Include Know Vintage Like a Pro by Mark Ledenbach and 2 darker decor features. Gothic Gala and Black & Bling. There are cutesy articles as well only I was pleasantly surprised to find a macabre twist to more grown up party ideas.


halloween spirit said...

That's good news! This magazine often leaned a little too far toward "cutesy". :D

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, thanks for the info. I would have passed it up, for as halloween spirit said, it has been too cutesy for me.


Heidi said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It seems like in the past it is either too cutesy or is just a compilation of old ideas they already showed in the magazine. I really liked the features this year--definitely appreciate the more grown up theme!