Monday, April 27, 2009

Preview Halloween 2009

Preview of the new placemat and runners. There are 3 versions cat, bat, and witch riding broom. The runners come in both a 45 and 60 inch length. Looks like pricing for the place mat will be around $10 and the small runner $20.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh I love previews!!! Keep them coming!

DeadmansLog said...

Simply fantastic.

Brandi McKenna said...

Holy Crap! I literally gasped when I saw your mantle display! I'm smitten with your style. How can I procure a bat palacemat set? Hmmm???

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Thank you.
My best guess is the placemat and runner will be available for purchase next month. We are going to give the web site a major face lift over summer. For now though you can see new items when we get them via the link on the home page.