Monday, September 1, 2008

Party Favor

Halloween Party Favor

Needed items;
(1) Small cardboard tube like those in tissue rolls
(1) Orange paper napkin*
Orange and Black crepe paper streamer*
Black curling ribbon
(1) Decorative sticker*
Candy or toys*

Items marked by * may be found at

Wrap an orange napkin around a cardboard tube, allowing two or more inches to extend past the tube at both ends. Gather and tie the napkin at one end with 16 inches of black curling ribbon. While the other end is still open, fill the tube with candy, toys, or other small prizes. Then gather and tie the remaining end of the napkin with another 16 inches of ribbon, closing the tube. Curl both pieces of ribbon.

Cut a piece of black and orange crepe paper streamer about 6 inches long. Wrap around the outside of the tube. Tack the crepe paper in place with tape or other adhesive. For the finishing touch, place a decorative Halloween sticker in the center.

These favors are wonderful additions to many holiday events; festive dinner place settings for children or adults, party door prizes, treats for special trick-or-treaters, gift exchanges, etc. They are also fun when attached to greeting cards or even to gifts!

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