Monday, September 5, 2016

T.J.Maxx Hearse

I bought the ouija board jar in the photo. It has a planchette shaped handle! The big folk art hearse is amazing.

The driver.

Right behind the big hearse was this little guy.

Large display of skeletal and Day of the Dead glass.


Odd Fallweather said...

I love that hearse.

Justine’s Halloween said...

Wow! That's some hearse! Do you remember how much it cost? That would look neat decked out with some pumpkins. I was going to say how much I admired that Ouija container before reading that you bought it. Nice find! Are you going to use it as a cookie jar?

Old Fashion Halloween said...


The big hearse is $79.99 and I don't know the price on the small hearse. I was really tempted but don't have a good spot to store somethings that big.
Ouija jar is 8 inches by 51/2 inches. It might sit on my bookshelf with some of the other fortune teller stuff. :o )

Barbe Saint John said...

That is so cool!!!